The Making Of Andropause Succor

We recognize that andropause was a serious issue among men above the age of 40 but not much attention has been paid to address the issue when compared to say, menopause and its remedies.

Presently, a lot of people take testosterone booster and/or artificial testosterone injections (gels and creams included), which we believe has its limitations. They attempt to address the symptoms rather than the cause. It is like taking Viagra but not addressing why poor erections happen in the first place.

We wanted a holistic remedy to andropause and would stay herbal and organic as much as possible in the formulation. The platform which we build our formulation rest on being anti-inflammatory and better heart health.

Not a week goes by that I am not asked about testosterone levels. Especially one of the following questions:

—”How can I raise my testosterone?”

—”Can supplements actually boost testosterone?”

—”How do I know if I have low testosterone?”

The questions are endless. Testosterone is a hot marketing area for men, that strikes at the core of machismo and male health. Attach testosterone to any product with some hyperbole, and you can market it effectively.

But truth be told, testosterone levels are critical for male health. Low testosterone causes:

Low energy
Low sex drive
Low strength
Anxiety, depression, and general lethargy
There are no advantages to having low testosterone. Zero. Nada. In fact, hypogonadism (which is when your body is not producing enough testosterone) is linked to:

Alzheimer’s disease
Cardiovascular disease
Recent research even points to low testosterone being a precipitating factor for prostate cancer.

With all this in mind, it’s concerning that testosterone levels have been dropping in men worldwide for decades.

The reasons for this are legion:

Environmental endocrine disruptors, plastics, contaminants; lack of sunlight and solar radiation; lack of key micronutrients, skewed diets; lack of exercise, lack of sleep, increased stress; the list is long.

And this drop in testosterone is not only seen in humans, but animals as well. Across the world, environmental pollutants are affecting animal life and disrupting sex hormones.

The pragmatic reality is this:

Our environments and lifestyles do affect our bodies. And many men are slowly castrating themselves through their lifestyles.

Increasing your testosterone levels, and thus your general vitality, should be of paramount focus for all men.

High testosterone levels are a representation of overall good health.

You have everything to lose and nothing to gain by ignoring your hormone levels.

What Can You Expect

1-2 weeks:  Better quality erections (hardness and ability to stay up longer)
                  More energetic and positive
                  Higher libido (sex drive)
                  Heightened metabolism
                  Less irritability and mood swings
                  Better quality sleep
                  More motivated and focused

Longer Term:   Stops hair loss
                      Less visceral fats
                      Retention of muscle mass
                      Better joints strength
                      Reduction in bone loss and danger of having osteoporosis
                      Elevated testosterone
                      Higher sperm count
                      Less lethargy and better temperament

Tongkat Ali (extra potency)

We required Longjack (Eurycoma longifolia), a confirmed libido booster. Longjack, also known as Tongkat ali and pasak bumi, is a shrub hailing from Southeast Asia purporting to improve libido. It’s gaining traction in the scientific community for potentially increasing testosterone levels, and researchers at South Africa’s University of the Western Cape found that longjack improved testosterone levels and muscular strength in physically active seniors (a population with typically low testosterone).

The bulk of what is presently available is non-descript. Our manufacturing facility has patented a new way of extraction, using nano tech and sonification to extract up to 5x better – the process is already being patented.

What is TRT?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) uses artificial androgens (think synthetic steroids) to try and raise testosterone levels. As the Mayo Clinic notes, they’re still being evaluated for safety and effectiveness, but it’s an option to discuss with your doctor.

Other researchers at the National University of Malaysia have gone so far as suggesting that, after further study, longjack could be used as an alternative approach to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

That said, a group of researchers at the National University of Malaysia did a systemic literature review of longjack, looking for clinical research that demonstrated a relationship between the shrub and testosterone levels. 

Cordyceps (tung-chung-chou in Cantonese)

Animal and lab studies suggest Cordyceps have the potential to improve heart health and fight inflammation, cancer, diabetes andaging. Again, we try to come up with a formulation that does not just deal with the symptoms. For example, Viagra is used to help people who have trouble maintaining a strong erection or have trouble lasting sufficiently long enough to complete the act. That does not address why/what caused the poor erections in the first place.

We believe in raising testosterone naturally. We wanted the other complementary body functions to be revitalised as well when generating more testosterone. Hence anti-inflammation and better heart health is a platform which we stand on.


Pomegranate is a potent antioxidant. This fruit is rich in flavonoids, anthocyanins, punicic acid, ellagitannins, alkaloids, fructose, sucrose, glucose, simple organic acids, and other components and has antiatherogenic, antihypertensive, and anti-inflammatory properties. Pomegranate can be used in the prevention and treatment of several types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases. In addition, it improves wound healing and is beneficial to the reproductive system.


We wanted the best testosterone booster to contain Zinc — an important mineral for fertility. Zinc is little more of a nice-to-have ingredient than a must-have. It’s on our radar as an ingredient that possibly boosts testosterone levels, and while we couldn’t find enough supporting evidence that taking zinc would increase natural testosterone, low zinc levels have been connected to infertility. 

A low zinc level is also possibly a sign of hypogonadism. The closest support we found is in a study which found that people recovered from nutritional deficiency-related problems more quickly if they took a zinc supplement than those who did not. Zinc is available in many foods, such as oysters, fortified breakfast cereals, and red meat.

Zinc also has an upper limit. The NIH recommends that adults should not take more than 40mg of zinc per day, and notes that even moderately high zinc intake levels can be harmful. Hence our dosage has been kept safe within the limits set.

Every vitamin, mineral, and ingredient that affects the human body can be taken in enough quantities that they are harmful, or toxic, even the ones that — at lower levels — are beneficial or necessary. Unfortunately, testosterone boosters contain a lot of ingredients that are not well understood. This means in addition to not being able to confirm whether certain ingredients increase testosterone, the scientific and medical communities also don’t know at what levels many ingredients become toxic. 

Last Words

As with any supplements we are careful with the claims we make. We stopped short of saying it is an anti-aging remedy. However as you can read from the above treatise, it is very much a remedy to help us age better. Informal trials among tested subjects indicate that. We hope you will too benefit from it.


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